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A studio is a place for creative people to work, or for people to work and become more creative. The word ‘studio’ is usually associated with areas like music, sculpture, art, architecture…etc. At CEPT university, I studied architecture in a studio space for 5 years. I noticed that in my 1st year, I was a very close-minded person as most students are after passing the 12th-grade exams by memorizing stuff. But as I progressed, I noticed that my personality had gone through quite a drastic change.


My mind started becoming more open and my perspective became much wider. I started asking more questions. I started questioning my beliefs, even something as fundamental as my belief in god. Questions help you break the walls of your own mind and let it be free. 


Before going to CEPT, I was already a good chess player. Since my childhood, chess has shaped my mind to a great extent. It has developed abilities like logic, critical thinking, planning, analysis, visualization, imagination…and many others. I could find good solutions but I had not yet learned how to question. Going to a studio space gave me a new dimension of thinking.


With a great urge to share these experiences with the world, I came up with the idea of a ‘studio that sculpts and shapes minds’. 


The ‘King’ comes from chess, the ‘space’ comes from architecture and together they look cool. So I named it ‘Kingspace’ studio. Here we will be sculpting the source of all work, all thoughts, and feelings: Your mind. We will be literally shaping it, carving out unnecessary stuff from your mind to create a personality that is strong, bold, fearless, creative, and full of life! 

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Kingspace Mind gym

Mind gym is about breaking the limitations of your mind. Stretching limits and reaching your full potential. What mind skills would you like to train? 

Kingspace chess

Chess is not just a game. It is a way of thinking. Kingspace chess links chess concepts to everyday life and teaches how thinking in chess can be used in everyday life

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"I am on a journey to master my mind. It is a joy to shape one's mind to growth and freedom. Freedom is the ultimate goal! While I walk this path, I share with others a deep knowledge of the human mind that I gain along the way. I am writing books on various beautiful abilities that the human mind already has. Each book I write gives a wonderful insight into the chosen topic."

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