Kingspace mind gym

Go to the gym, get in shape”. I have heard this many times. 


When people see you first, they comment on your body or your looks. “You look nice!”. “You have gained weight”. “you look taller”. “Oh, have you been working out?” 


But I was always fascinated with the idea of shaping the mind.


I have never heard someone say, “Hey! You have become a lot more intelligent and sharp than I previously saw you!” or something like, “When did you become this wise?”.


We avoid training the mind because it is not ‘seen’. But your mind makes your world. If your body is the gross element that takes actions, your mind is the subtle one who gives the order for taking actions. Isn’t it a blunder not to ever think of training such a powerful and complex instrument that we have? 


There are so many muscles of the mind. Will-power, memory, imagination, creativity, persistence, patience, mindfulness are just to name a few. When did you last make the effort to exercise any one of them?

Yes, I will be coming up with a workshop on a specific mind skill soon. Till then, enjoy this blog or my books!

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